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About Sedum

The Genus Sedum includes several hundred species and many hundreds of varieties of plants. Sedum is a succulent perennial which thrives in weather and climate conditions which other plants may find difficult, and some species of Sedum make a good choice for an environmentally friendly roof covering, as a "living roof" or "green roof" for buildings. Sedum are found in the temperate region of the Northern Hemisphere and are native to Asia.

Sedum are well known to gardeners by the common name "stonecrop" and species grown in Europe include Sedum reflexum (rupestre), Sedum hispanicum, Sedum acre and Sedum album.

Sedum Facts

Quick facts and information about Sedum.

Green Roofs

Sedum for Roofs

Sedum is often used for "green roofs", "living roofs" or "growing roofs". Sedum is preferred as a choice for living roofs over grass turf due to its resilience, drought and frost resistence and general hardiness in comparison to grass. Sedum, as a roofing material, is grown on a bed of matting, often of recycled crushed brick and offers good insulating properties and an environmentally friendly and long-lasting green roof cover.

Sedum systems for green roofing can be Intensive or Extensive; Intensive sedum roofing systems are like a planted garden on the roof and can include multiple species, and grass, as well as Sedum (and even ponds!). An intensive sedum roofing system will require significant management and care in the same way a garden would. An Extensive sedum roofing system, on the other hand, can more or less be left to itself once it is securely established. An extensive sedum roofing system will provide a naturally sustained and maintained cover for the roof in the same way a field of grass would for the ground.

Sedum Species used for roofing

Several different species of Sedum can be used for creating a roofing cover. Enviromat, a UK green roofing materials supplier, (and see more detailed entry for Enviromat below), use a selection of different species in their product, including; Sedum album, Sedum kamtschaticum, Sedum pulchellum, Sedum reflexum, Sedum spurium and Sedum sexangulare.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using Sedum for roofing

Advantages of Sedum Roofing

Sedum roofing offers advantages over traditional roofing in cost savings during its life for maintanance, and an energy saving advantage due to sedum's insulating properties. A sedum roof will help keep a building cooler in summer and warmer in winter. A sedum roof is also an environmentally friendly choice for a roof, creating a micro-climate for wildlife. Another advantage of a sedum roof is that it can look good and offer an additional recreational space for the building.

Disadvantages of Sedum Roofing

Disadvantages of a sedum roof include the initial higher cost of installation, the relative unavailability of the product and lack of information (there are just a few specialist sedum roof suppliers in the UK). The costs involved in the planning and design of the building and sedum roof can be high as the building to be sedum-roofed is often unique. These disadvantages are lessening as time goes on due to the greater availability of sedum roofs and the increasing awareness of the environmentally friendly value of sedum roofs. (Some of the costs of a sedum roof are recouped during its lifetime due to lower maintenance costs and sedum's insulating porperties).

Environmental Advantages of Sedum Roofing

The environmental advantages of a Sedum roof can far outweigh considerations of cost and cannot be over-valued. A Sedum roof or Sedum wall can provide a micro-climate for rare and endangered species. This is especially true in towns, cities and industrial areas where Sedum Roofs and Sedum Living Walls can provide safe and secure long-term habitats for wildlife that otherwise would not survive in that location. Sedum Roofs and Walls are also useful in that they take carbon-dioxide and pollutants (including heavy metals) out of the atmosphere as a natural part of their life cycle. Sedum Roofs and Walls also offer an improved urban outlook - something that is highly-valued by many as an improvement to the quality of life when living and working in a primarily urban landscape - (what I am saying is that the sedum roofs and sedum walls look good in the city!).

Living Walls

Sedum for Living Walls

Living Walls using Sedum or other plants offer the opportunity to create environmentally friendly and useful additional space. Sedum plants for living walls are often supplied in modular units which allows the rapid replacement of any area of sedum that has failed. Living or green walls add a benevolent micro-climate for micro-organisms and mini-beasts that would otherwise not be available in an urban environment.

Sedum Resources on the Web

Gathered here are useful Sedum resources and Sedum web destinations. I have visited each of these Sedum related websites personally, and am happy to recommend them to my visitors.

BBS Green Roofing

BBS Green Roofing has information relating to the supply and fitting of sedum roofs. BBS Green Roofing independent Green Roof System Installation Engineers and roof gardeners. BBS Green Roofing are based in the South East of England, (London and Whitstable) and offer a sedum green roofing service nationwide.

EcoLogHouse Sedum Roof

The Ecologhouse has a Sedum Roofs page.

Enviromat Sedum Matting

Enviromat Sedum Matting is a low maintenance landscaping material which is grown in the UK by Q Lawns. Enviromat Seedum Matting can be used as Sedum Roofing, for a Sedum Lawn or to create a Sedum Carpet. There is a pdf factsheet for download which describes hints and tips for laying the Sedum Matting, as well as a detailed description of this sedum product. The Seedum can be supplied in mats or in trays and may be a good choice for smaller sedum projects.

Grass Roof Company Sedum Roof

Grass Roof Company Sedum Roof On this page the Grass Roof company display a summerhouse with a living sedum roof. The Grass Roof Company has many interesting and informative pages relating to gree, living, sedum and of course, grass roofs. There are lots of examples of living roofs and good photographs - well worth a visit.

Greenfix Sky Gardens

Greenfix Sky Gardens are an independent supplier of green roofs, green walls, sedum roofs and biodiverse roof gardens in the United Kingdom. Greenfix Sky Gardens green roofs or green walls consist of turf and or sedum to provide an energy efficient solution to arid urban environments. The Greenfix Sky Gardens website is clearly laid out with great information and good colour photographs. The information pages explain the diffrent types of green roofs and living walls and there is a pdf brochure available for download.

Sedum (Stonecrop)

Sedum (Stonecrop) is a great blog entry at this page by a plant lover. Sedum (Stonecrop) is described along with lots of Sedum related information - a good general read.

Low Pitched Sedum Roof (Case Study)

There is some good Sedum Roof information on this Low Pitched Sedum Roof (Case Study) page. Construction and material plus the application of a unique build Sedum Roof are described. This sedum living roof project was for a new-build bungalow in Woodingdean, England. There are product datasheets available for immediate download including Oldroyd Turf & Green Roofs, Pitched Green Roof Fixing Guide and a Flat Green Roof Fixing Guide. Safeguard Europe Ltd. is a UK-based company specialising in providing damp-proofing and waterproofing solutions for the construction industry.

McLaw Living Roofs

McLaw Living Roofs have a comprehensive website dedicated to green and living roofs and walls. McLaw Living Roofs are based in Ecclestone, Chorley, UK and offer green roof supplies, roofing consultations and quotations. There is an online shop and Sedum Roofing products available include Sedum Turf, Ready to Lay Green Roof Tiles and Ready to Grow Sedum Green Roof Packs.

Permanite Engineered Roof Systems

Permanite Engineered Roof Systems offer a green design and / or installation service. Permanite Engineered Roof Systems main area of business is waterproofed roof systems which also encompasses Gree and Living Roofs. There is a useful page with information on Sedum Roofs as well as additional facts and information about Extensive Green Roofs, Intensive Roof Gardens and Biodiversity Roofs. There is also some useful information as to the advantages of green roofing systems.

Taylors Green Roofs for Garden Buildings

Taylors Garden Buildings has a good sedum page detailing Green Roofs for Garden Buildings. The page gives information on roofing small buildings with a living sedum roof. The small buildings include outhouses, conservatories, garden sheds, tree-houses, bee-hives and bird houses. There are lots of pictures of garden buildings with sedum roofs - a good page.


Wallbarn are also involved in the manufacture and supply of roof waterproofing systems. Wallbarn have information directly accessible from their main page relating to Green Roof Systems with specific pages and information on Component Green Roofs, Modular Green Roofs and Living Walls. The Modular Green Roof system at Wallbarn is interesting for smaller projects and they can supply sedum or sedum / wildflower mixes for roofing.

Wolseley Sustainable Building Centre

Wolseley Sustainable Building Centre has information relating to a Green Sedum Roofing System. There is a pdf Sedum brochure and a Word Document with green roof facts and information about the Zinco Green Roof, available for download. Weight, cost, planting times, advantages and disadvantages of green roofs (including sedum roofs) are discussed in these useful documents.

Wikipedia Sedum Information

There are several pages for the Sedum genus at Wikipedia, the user generated online encyclopedia. Visit Wikipedia and make a search from the main page for Sedum.

List of Sedum Species

Sedum acre (Wall-pepper, Goldmoss Sedum, Goldmoss Stonecrop, Biting Stonecrop)
Sedum adolphii (Golden Sedum)
Sedum aizoon (Aizoon Stonecrop)
Sedum albomarginatum Clausen (Feather River Stonecrop)
Sedum album (White Stonecrop)
Sedum allantoides 
Sedum allantoides var. goldii
Sedum alpestre
Sedum anacampseros (Love-restorer)
Sedum anglicum (English Stonecrop)
Sedum annuum (Annual Stonecrop)
Sedum atratum
Sedum australe
Sedum burrito (Baby Burro's-tail)
Sedum caeruleum
Sedum caespitosum
Sedum candollei
Sedum cauticola
Sedum cepaea (Pink Stonecrop)
Sedum cockerellii Britt. (Cockerell's Stonecrop)
Sedum compressum
Sedum confusum (Lesser Mexican-stonecrop)
Sedum dasyphyllum (Thick-leaved Stonecrop)
Sedum debile S. Wats. (Orpine Stonecrop, Weakstem Stonecrop)
Sedum dendroideum Moc. & Sessé ex A. DC. (Tree Stonecrop)
Sedum diffusum S. Watson
Sedum divergens S. Wats. (Spreading Stonecrop)
Sedum eastwoodiae (Britt.) Berger (Red Mountain Stonecrop)
Sedum ellacombeanum (Stonecrop)
Sedum ewersii
Sedum fosterianum (Rock Stonecrop)
Sedum furfuraceum
Sedum glaucophyllum Clausen (Cliff Stonecrop)
Sedum havardii Rose (Havard's Stonecrop)
Sedum hirsutum
Sedum hispanicum (Spanish Stonecrop)
Sedum hybridum (Hybrid Stonecrop)
Sedum integrifolium (Entireleaf Stonecrop)
Sedum iwarenge
Sedum kamtschaticum Fisch. & C.A. Mey. (Orange Stonecrop, Kamschatka Stonecrop)
Sedum kostovii 
Sedum kamtschaticum cv. 'Weihenstephaner Gold' (formerly Sedum floriferum)
Sedum lanceolatum Torr. (Lance-leaf Stonecrop, Lanceleaf Stonecrop, Spearleaf Stonecrop)
Sedum laxum (Britt.) Berger (Roseflower Stonecrop)
Sedum leibergii Britt. (Leiberg Stonecrop)
Sedum liebmannianum
Sedum lineare (Needle Stonecrop)
Sedum lucidum
Sedum lydium (Least Stonecrop)
Sedum makinoi
Sedum maximum
Sedum mexicanum Britt. (Mexican Stonecrop)
Sedum moranense (Red Stonecrop)
Sedum moranense Kunth (Red Stonecrop)
Sedum moranii Clausen (Rogue River Stonecrop)
Sedum morganianum (Donkey Tail, Burro Tail)
Sedum nanifolium Fröd. (Dwarf Stonecrop)
Sedum nevii Gray (Nevius' Stonecrop)
Sedum niveum A. Davids. (Davidson's Stonecrop)
Sedum nussbaumerianum
Sedum nuttallianum Raf. (Yellow Stonecrop)
Sedum oblanceolatum Clausen (Oblongleaf Stonecrop)
Sedum obtusatum Gray (Sierra Stonecrop) 
Sedum obtusatum ssp. paradisum Denton (Paradise Stonecrop)
Sedum ochroleucum Chaix (European Stonecrop)
Sedum oreganum Nutt. (Oregon stonecrop)
Sedum oregonense (S. Wats.) M.E. Peck (cream stonecrop)
Sedum pachyphyllum
Sedum pallescens
Sedum palmeri
Sedum paradisum Denton (Canyon Creek stonecrop)
Sedum pinetorum Brandeg. (Pine City stonecrop)
Sedum praealtum DC. (Greater Mexican stonecrop, Green Cockscomb)
Sedum pulchellum Michx. (Widow's-cross)
Sedum pusillum Michx. (granite Stonecrop)
Sedum radiatum S. Wats. (Coast Range Stonecrop)
Sedum reflexum (Reflexed Stonecrop, Blue Stonecrop, Jenny's Stonecrop, Prick-madam)
Sedum reptans
Sedum rubrotinctum (Pork and Beans, Christmas Cheer, Jellybeans) 
Sedum rubrotinctum cv. 'Aurora'
Sedum rupicola G.N. Jones (curvedleaf stonecrop)
Sedum rupicolum G. N. Jones
Sedum sarmentosum Bunge (stringy stonecrop)
Sedum sediforme (pale stonecrop)
Sedum sexangulare (Tasteless Stonecrop)
Sedum sieboldii (Siebold's stonecrop)
Sedum smallii
Sedum spathulifolium Hook. (Broadleaf Stonecrop, Colorado Stonecrop)
Sedum spurium (Caucasian Stonecrop, Dragon's Blood Sedum, Two-row Stonecrop)
Sedum stahlii (Coral Beads)
Sedum stellatum (Starry Stonecrop)
Sedum stelliforme S. Wats. (Huachuca Mountain Stonecrop)
Sedum stenopetalum Pursh (Wormleaf Stonecrop, Yellow Stonecrop)
Sedum stoloniferum Gmel. (Lesser Caucasian Stonecrop, Stolon Stonecrop)
Sedum telephioides (Allegheny Stonecrop)
Sedum ternatum Michx. (Woodland Stonecrop)
Sedum takesimense
Sedum torulosum
Sedum villosum (Hairy Stonecrop, Purple Stonecrop)
Sedum weinbergii
Sedum wrightii Gray (Wright's Stonecrop)

Sedum Species

Sedum Species in Alphabetical Order (More detailed)

Sedum abchasicum - Sedum abyssinicum - Sedum acre - Sedum acropetalum - Sedum actinocarpum - Sedum acurninatum - Sedum acutifolium - Sedum adans - Sedum adenocalyx - Sedum adenotrichum - Sedum adolphi - Sedum aestivum - Sedum aetnense - Sedum affine - Sedum aggregatum - Sedum aizoides - Sedum aizoon - Sedum alamosanum - Sedum alaskanum - Sedum albanicum - Sedum albellum - Sedum alberti - Sedum albescens - Sedum albicans - Sedum albomarginatum - Sedum alboroseum - Sedum album - Sedum aleurodes - Sedum alfredi - Sedum algidum - Sedum aliciae - Sedum allantoides - Sedum almae - Sedum alpestre - Sedum alsinefolium - Sedum alsium - Sedum altaicum - Sedum altissimum - Sedum altum - Sedum amabile - Sedum amani - Sedum ambiflorum - Sedum ambiguum - Sedum amecamecanum - Sedum americanum - Sedum amexicaule - Sedum amibracteatum - Sedum amplexicaule - Sedum anacampseros - Sedum anatolicum - Sedum andegavense - Sedum andersonii - Sedum andinum - Sedum angelosi - Sedum anglicum - Sedum angulatum - Sedum angustifolium - Sedum angustipetalum - Sedum angustum - Sedum anhuiense - Sedum annuum - Sedum anoicum - Sedum anomalum - Sedum anomoiosepalum - Sedum anopetalum - Sedum anthoum - Sedum anthoxanthum - Sedum antiquuma - Sedum aoikon - Sedum apiculatum - Sedum apoleipon - Sedum aporonticum - Sedum arachnoideum - Sedum arborescens - Sedum arboreum - Sedum arcticum - Sedum arduennense - Sedum arenarium - Sedum argunense - Sedum argutum - Sedum arisanense - Sedum aristatum - Sedum armenum - Sedum arrigens - Sedum arsenii - Sedum asiaticum - Sedum assyriacum - Sedum athoma - Sedum athoum - Sedum atlanticum - Sedum atratum - Sedum atropurpureum - Sedum atsaense - Sedum atuntsuense - Sedum atypicum - Sedum aureum - Sedum australe - Sedum austro-manshuricum - Sedum aytacianum - Sedum azureum
Sedum backebergii - Sedum baeticum - Sedum baileyi - Sedum baleensis - Sedum balfouri - Sedum balticum - Sedum banlanense - Sedum barbeyi - Sedum barcense - Sedum barneaianum - Sedum barrancae - Sedum baselicis - Sedum batallae - Sedum batesii - Sedum battandieri - Sedum beauverdi - Sedum bellum - Sedum bergeri - Sedum berillonanum - Sedum berunii - Sedum beyrichianum - Sedum bhutanense - Sedum bhutanicum - Sedum bicolor - Sedum bipetiolatum - Sedum bithynicum - Sedum blepharophyllum - Sedum blockmanae - Sedum bodinieri - Sedum boehmeri - Sedum bohuslawii - Sedum boisserianum - Sedum boissieri - Sedum boloniense - Sedum bonapartei - Sedum bonariense - Sedum boninense - Sedum bonnafousi - Sedum bonnieri - Sedum booleanum - Sedum borderi - Sedum boreale - Sedum borissovae - Sedum bornmuelleri - Sedum borschii - Sedum boryanum - Sedum botterii - Sedum bourgaei - Sedum bouvieri - Sedum brachypetalum - Sedum brachyrhinchum - Sedum brachystylum - Sedum bracteatum - Sedum brandtianum - Sedum brevifolium - Sedum brissemoreti - Sedum brunfelsii - Sedum brutium - Sedum bucharicum - Sedum bueuroides - Sedum bulbiferum - Sedum bulliardi - Sedum burnati - Sedum burnhamii - Sedum burrito
Sedum caducum - Sedum caerulans - Sedum caeruleum - Sedum caesium - Sedum caespitosum - Sedum caffrum - Sedum calabricum - Sedum calcaratum - Sedum calcicola - Sedum californicum - Sedum callayanum - Sedum callianthum - Sedum callichroum - Sedum calverti - Sedum campanulatum - Sedum campestre - Sedum candolleanum - Sedum candollei - Sedum canescens - Sedum capablanca - Sedum capense - Sedum capitatum - Sedum caricum - Sedum cariense - Sedum carinatum - Sedum carioni - Sedum carnegiei - Sedum caroli-henrici - Sedum carpaticum - Sedum catorce - Sedum caucasicum - Sedum cauticola - Sedum cavaleriei - Sedum cavaleriense - Sedum cavei - Sedum celatum - Sedum celiae - Sedum centaurodes - Sedum cepaea - Sedum cepaeum - Sedum cespitosum - Sedum chaneti - Sedum chapalense - Sedum chauveaudi - Sedum chihuahuense - Sedum chilonense - Sedum chingtungense - Sedum chloropetalum - Sedum chontalense - Sedum chrisianum - Sedum chrysanthemifolium - Sedum chrysanthum - Sedum chrysicaulum - Sedum chuhsingense - Sedum chumbicum - Sedum churchillianum - Sedum ciliare - Sedum ciliatum - Sedum cilicicum - Sedum ciliocaule - Sedum ciliosum - Sedum cineritium - Sedum clausenii - Sedum clavatum - Sedum clavifolium - Sedum clusianum - Sedum coccineum - Sedum cockerellii - Sedum coerulescens - Sedum coeruleum - Sedum cogmansense - Sedum cognense - Sedum collinum - Sedum comanatum - Sedum commixtum - Sedum commutatum - Sedum compactum - Sedum compressum - Sedum concarpum - Sedum concinnum - Sedum confertiflorum - Sedum confertissimum - Sedum confertum - Sedum confusum - Sedum congdoni - Sedum congdonii - Sedum congestum - Sedum controversum - Sedum conzattii - Sedum cooperi - Sedum copalense - Sedum cordifolium - Sedum coreanum - Sedum coreense - Sedum coriaceum - Sedum cormiferum - Sedum correptum - Sedum corsicum - Sedum corymbiferum - Sedum corymbosum - Sedum corymbulosum - Sedum corynephyllum - Sedum costantini - Sedum cotyledon - Sedum craigii - Sedum crassicaule - Sedum crassiflorum - Sedum crassipes - Sedum crassularia - Sedum cremnophila - Sedum crenatum - Sedum crenulatissimum - Sedum crenulatum - Sedum cretense - Sedum creticum - Sedum cretini - Sedum cristatum - Sedum cruciatum - Sedum cryptomerioides - Sedum cupressoides - Sedum cuspidatum - Sedum cyaneum - Sedum cymatopetalum - Sedum cymosum - Sedum cyprium - Sedum cyrenaicu
Sedum dahuricum - Sedum daigremontianum - Sedum dasyphyllum - Sedum debile - Sedum decipiens - Sedum decumbens - Sedum decussatum - Sedum deficiens - Sedum definitum - Sedum delicatum - Sedum delicum - Sedum deltoideum - Sedum dendroideum - Sedum dentatum - Sedum denticulatum - Sedum derbezii - Sedum deserti-hungarici - Sedum desmeti - Sedum dichotomum - Sedum didymocalyx - Sedum dielsi - Sedum dielsianum - Sedum diffusum - Sedum diminutum - Sedum dimorphophyllum - Sedum dioicum - Sedum discolor - Sedum dispermum - Sedum divaricatum - Sedum divergens - Sedum diversifolium - Sedum dodecandrum - Sedum dolomiticum - Sedum dolosum - Sedum donatianum - Sedum dongzhiense - Sedum doratocarpum - Sedum douglasii - Sedum dregeanum - Sedum droserifolium - Sedum drucei - Sedum drymarioides - Sedum dubium - Sedum ducis-aprutii - Sedum dugueyi - Sedum dulcinomen - Sedum dumulosum - Sedum durisi - Sedum duthiei - Sedum dyvrandae
Sedum eastwoodiae - Sedum ebracteatum - Sedum ecalcaratum - Sedum edule - Sedum edwardsii - Sedum eichlamii - Sedum ekimianum - Sedum elatinoides - Sedum elegans - Sedum ellacombianum - Sedum ellipticum - Sedum elongatum - Sedum elrodi - Sedum elymaiticum - Sedum emarginatum - Sedum engadinense - Sedum engleri - Sedum englerianum - Sedum epidendrum - Sedum erectum - Sedum erici-magnusii - Sedum ericodes - Sedum eriocarpum - Sedum erlangerianum - Sedum erraticum - Sedum erubescens - Sedum erythraeum - Sedum erythrocarpum - Sedum erythromelanum - Sedum erythrospermum - Sedum erythrostictum - Sedum esquirolii - Sedum ettyuense - Sedum eupatorioides - Sedum euphorbioides - Sedum eurycarpum - Sedum euryphyllum - Sedum euxinum - Sedum ewersii - Sedum expansum
Sedum fabaria - Sedum fabarium - Sedum falconis - Sedum farinosum - Sedum farreri - Sedum farronianum - Sedum fasciculare - Sedum fastigiatum - Sedum feddei - Sedum fedtschenkoi - Sedum fenzelii - Sedum filicaule - Sedum filiferum - Sedum filiforme - Sedum filipes - Sedum fimbriatum - Sedum fischeri - Sedum flaccidum - Sedum flavum - Sedum flexuosum - Sedum floriferum - Sedum formosae - Sedum formosanum - Sedum forreri - Sedum forresti - Sedum forsteri - Sedum forsterianum - Sedum fragile - Sedum fragrans - Sedum francheti - Sedum frigidum - Sedum froderstromi - Sedum frutescens - Sedum fruticulosum - Sedum fuereri - Sedum fui - Sedum funkii - Sedum furfuraceum - Sedum fuscum - Sedum fusiforme
Sedum gagei - Sedum galeottianum - Sedum galioides - Sedum garwalicum - Sedum gattefossei - Sedum gelidum - Sedum gemmiferum - Sedum gerardianum - Sedum gertrudianum - Sedum giajai - Sedum glabrum - Sedum glaciale - Sedum glaebosum - Sedum glanduliferum - Sedum glandulosum - Sedum glaucophyllum - Sedum glaucopruinosum - Sedum glaucovirens - Sedum glaucum - Sedum globiferum - Sedum globosum - Sedum globuliferum - Sedum globuliflorum - Sedum globulifolium - Sedum glomerifolium - Sedum goldmanii - Sedum gombertii - Sedum gorisi - Sedum gracile - Sedum grammophyllum - Sedum grandidentatum - Sedum grandipetalum - Sedum grandisepalum - Sedum grandyi - Sedum graniticum - Sedum granulatum - Sedum graptopetalum - Sedum greggii - Sedum griffithii - Sedum griffithsii - Sedum grisebachii - Sedum griseum - Sedum guadalajaranum - Sedum guadarramicum - Sedum guatemalense - Sedum guestphalicum - Sedum guetardi - Sedum guttatum - Sedum gypsicola - Sedum gypsicolum - Sedum gypsophilum
Sedum habonense - Sedum haematodes - Sedum haematodeum - Sedum hallii - Sedum hametianum - Sedum hangzhouense - Sedum hartmannii - Sedum harveyanum - Sedum havardi - Sedum hayesii - Sedum heckeli - Sedum heckneri - Sedum hegnauerihyb - Sedum hemisphaericum - Sedum hemsleanum - Sedum hemsleyanum - Sedum hengduanense - Sedum henrici-roberti - Sedum henriquesii - Sedum henryi - Sedum heptapetalum - Sedum hernandezii - Sedum heterodontum - Sedum heterophyllum - Sedum hewittii - Sedum hexangulare - Sedum hexapetalum - Sedum hidakanum - Sedum hierapetrae - Sedum hillebrandii - Sedum himalayanum - Sedum himalense - Sedum hintonii - Sedum hintoniorum - Sedum hirsutum - Sedum hirtum - Sedum hispanicum - Sedum hispidum - Sedum hobsonii - Sedum holei - Sedum holopetalum - Sedum hommelsii - Sedum hookeri - Sedum horakii - Sedum horridum - Sedum hsinganicum - Sedum hudsonianum - Sedum hultenii - Sedum humifusum - Sedum humile - Sedum hungaricum - Sedum hybridum - Sedum hyperaizoon - Sedum hyperhoreum - Sedum hypericifolium
Sedum ibericum - Sedum ibicense - Sedum idaeum - Sedum imbricatum - Sedum incanum - Sedum ince - Sedum incertum - Sedum inconspicum - Sedum inderiense - Sedum indicum - Sedum insulare - Sedum integrifolium - Sedum intermedium - Sedum involucratum
Sedum jaccardianum - Sedum jacquemontii - Sedum jacquini - Sedum jaeschkei - Sedum jahandiezii - Sedum jaliscanum - Sedum japonicola - Sedum japonicum - Sedum javalambrense - Sedum jepsonii - Sedum jiaodongense - Sedum jinianum - Sedum jiuhuashanense - Sedum jiulungshanense - Sedum jujuyense - Sedum jullianum - Sedum juparense - Sedum jurgensenii
Sedum kagamontanum - Sedum kamtschaticum - Sedum karpelesae - Sedum kiangnanense - Sedum kimnachii - Sedum kingdonii - Sedum kirilowii - Sedum kiusianum - Sedum kiwuense - Sedum kokanicum - Sedum komarovii - Sedum kostovii - Sedum kotschyanum - Sedum krajinae - Sedum kuisianum - Sedum kurdistanicum - Sedum kurilense
Sedum laconicum - Sedum lactifolium - Sedum lagascae - Sedum lahovarianum - Sedum lampusae - Sedum lanceolatum - Sedum lancerottense - Sedum latentibulbosum - Sedum latifilamentum - Sedum latifolium - Sedum latiovalifolium - Sedum laxiflorum - Sedum laxum - Sedum lazicum - Sedum leblancae - Sedum leblancei - Sedum ledebourii - Sedum leibergii - Sedum lenkoranicum - Sedum lenophylloides - Sedum lepidopodum - Sedum leptophyllum - Sedum leptorhizum - Sedum leucocarpum - Sedum leveilleanum - Sedum levii - Sedum libanoticum - Sedum liciae - Sedum lidacense - Sedum liebergii - Sedum liebmannianum - Sedum lievenii - Sedum lignicaule - Sedum likiangense - Sedum lilacinum - Sedum limuloides - Sedum lineare - Sedum linearifolium - Sedum linifolium - Sedum listoniae - Sedum litorale - Sedum litoreum - Sedum lividum - Sedum lobelii - Sedum longibracteatum - Sedum longicaule - Sedum longifuniculatum - Sedum longipes - Sedum longistylum - Sedum longuetae - Sedum longyanense - Sedum lorenzoi - Sedum louisii - Sedum luchuanicum - Sedum lucidum - Sedum ludlowii - Sedum lugdunense - Sedum lumholtzii - Sedum lungtsuanense - Sedum lusitanicum - Sedum lusitanum - Sedum luteolum - Sedum luteovirens - Sedum luteoviride - Sedum luteum - Sedum lutzi - Sedum lycopodiodes - Sedum lydium
Sedum macdonaldii - Sedum macdougalii - Sedum macrocarpum - Sedum macrolepis - Sedum macrophyllum - Sedum madagascariense - Sedum madrense - Sedum magae - Sedum magellense - Sedum magniflorum - Sedum magnolii - Sedum magnusi - Sedum maireanum - Sedum mairei - Sedum majus - Sedum makinoi - Sedum malacophyllum - Sedum malladrae - Sedum marcescens - Sedum margaritae - Sedum mariae - Sedum marichalii - Sedum maritimum - Sedum marnieri - Sedum martini - Sedum matrense - Sedum maurum - Sedum maximowiczii - Sedum maximum - Sedum meehani - Sedum megalanthum - Sedum megalophyllum - Sedum mekongense - Sedum melanantherum - Sedum melanoleucum - Sedum mellitulum - Sedum mengtzeanum - Sedum mexicanum - Sedum meyeri - Sedum meyranianum - Sedum micranthum - Sedum microcarpum - Sedum microsepalum - Sedum microstachyum - Sedum middendorffianum - Sedum millii - Sedum millspaughi - Sedum millspaughii - Sedum mingjinianum - Sedum minimum - Sedum minus - Sedum mirabile - Sedum mirum - Sedum miserum - Sedum mite - Sedum mixtum - Sedum mocinianum - Sedum modestum - Sedum monanthum - Sedum monregalense - Sedum montanum - Sedum montenegrinum - Sedum monticola - Sedum mooneyi - Sedum moorcroftianum - Sedum moranense - Sedum moranii - Sedum morganianum - Sedum moroderi - Sedum moroti - Sedum morrisonense - Sedum mossii - Sedum mucizonia - Sedum mucronatum - Sedum mugodscharicum - Sedum muleyanum - Sedum multicaule - Sedum multiceps - Sedum multiflorum - Sedum murale - Sedum muscoideum - Sedum muscosum - Sedum mutabile - Sedum muyaicum
Sedum nagasakianum - Sedum nanchuanense - Sedum nanifolium - Sedum nanum - Sedum napiferum - Sedum naviculare - Sedum neapolitanum - Sedum nebrodense - Sedum neglectum - Sedum nelsoni - Sedum nepalicum - Sedum nesioticum - Sedum nevadense - Sedum nevii - Sedum nicaeense - Sedum nipponicum - Sedum niveum - Sedum nobile - Sedum nokoense - Sedum notarjanni - Sedum nothodugueyi - Sedum novakii - Sedum nudum - Sedum nuristanicum - Sedum nussbaumerianum - Sedum nutans - Sedum nuttalianum
Sedum oaxacanum - Sedum obcordatum - Sedum oblanceolatum - Sedum oblongorhizum - Sedum oblongum - Sedum obovatum - Sedum obtrullatum - Sedum obtusatum - Sedum obtusifolium - Sedum obtusipetalum - Sedum obtuso-lineare - Sedum occidentale - Sedum ochroleucum - Sedum octogonum - Sedum ocuilense - Sedum odontophyllum - Sedum oederi - Sedum ohbae - Sedum oishii - Sedum okuyamae - Sedum olgae - Sedum oligocarpum - Sedum olympicum - Sedum onychopetalum - Sedum oppositifolium - Sedum orbatum - Sedum orbiculatum - Sedum oreades - Sedum oreganum - Sedum oregonense - Sedum oregonum - Sedum orichalcum - Sedum orientale - Sedum orientiasiaticum - Sedum oryzifolium - Sedum oteroi - Sedum ovatiscpalum - Sedum ovatisepalum - Sedum oxycoccoides - Sedum oxypetalum
Sedum pachucense - Sedum pachyclados - Sedum pachyphyllum - Sedum pagetodes - Sedum painteri - Sedum pakistanicum - Sedum palaestinum - Sedum pallescens - Sedum pallidum - Sedum palmeri - Sedum paludum - Sedum palustre - Sedum pamiroalaicum - Sedum pampaninii - Sedum paniculatum - Sedum paoshingense - Sedum papillicaulum - Sedum paracelatum - Sedum paradoxum - Sedum paraguayense - Sedum parnassicum - Sedum parvisepalum - Sedum parvistamineum - Sedum parvum - Sedum paucidens - Sedum pauciflorum - Sedum paui - Sedum pectinatum - Sedum pedicellatum - Sedum pekinense - Sedum pentandrum - Sedum pentapetalum - Sedum pentastamineum - Sedum penthorum - Sedum penzesii - Sedum peregrinum - Sedum perfossum - Sedum perpusillum - Sedum perroti - Sedum peruvianum - Sedum petiolatum - Sedum phariense - Sedum phyllanthum - Sedum piloshanense - Sedum pilosum - Sedum pinetorum - Sedum pinnatifidum - Sedum pinoyi - Sedum polonicum - Sedum polycephalum - Sedum polygamum - Sedum polyrhizum - Sedum polystriatum - Sedum polytrichoides - Sedum ponticum - Sedum populifolium - Sedum porphyreum - Sedum portulacoides - Sedum pososepalum - Sedum potosinum - Sedum praealtum - Sedum praegerianum - Sedum praesidis - Sedum praini - Sedum prasinopetalum - Sedum pratoalpinum - Sedum primuloides - Sedum pringlei - Sedum procumbens - Sedum progressum - Sedum proponticum - Sedum pruinatum - Sedum pruinosum - Sedum przewalskii - Sedum pseudo-aizoon - Sedum pseudo-fabaria - Sedum pseudohybridum - Sedum pseudomontanum - Sedum pseudo-multicaule - Sedum pseudospectabile - Sedum pseudostaii - Sedum pseudosubtile - Sedum pseudotelephium - Sedum puberulum - Sedum pubescens - Sedum pulchellum - Sedum pulchrum - Sedum pulligerum - Sedum pulvinatum - Sedum pumilum - Sedum punctatum - Sedum purdomii - Sedum purdyi - Sedum purpurascens - Sedum purpureoviride - Sedum purpureum - Sedum purpusi - Sedum purpusii - Sedum pusillum - Sedum pyramidale - Sedum pyramidatum - Sedum pyrenaicum - Sedum pyriforme
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Sedum rotundifolium small

A photograph of Sedum rotundifolium.
Sedum sachalinense - Sedum sacrum - Sedum sagittipetalum - Sedum sajanense - Sedum salsovitzianum - Sedum salvadorense - Sedum samium - Sedum sanctae-monicae - Sedum sangpo-tibetanum - Sedum sanguineum - Sedum sanhedrinum - Sedum sarmentosum - Sedum sartorianum - Sedum sasakii - Sedum sauveolens - Sedum saxatile - Sedum saxifragoides - Sedum scabridum - Sedum scabrum - Sedum scallanii - Sedum scaphiophyllum - Sedum scheuchzeri - Sedum schimperi - Sedum schistosum - Sedum schizolepis - Sedum schlagintweitii - Sedum schoenlandi - Sedum schrenkii - Sedum schwarzii - Sedum schwendenerianum - Sedum sediforme - Sedum sedoides - Sedum seelemanni - Sedum sekiteiense - Sedum selskianum - Sedum semenovii - Sedum semiglabrum - Sedum semiglobosum - Sedum semilunatum - Sedum semiteres - Sedum sempervivoides - Sedum sempervivum - Sedum senanense - Sedum septangulare - Sedum serotinum - Sedum serpentini - Sedum serratum - Sedum sexangulare - Sedum sexfidum - Sedum shastense - Sedum sheareii - Sedum sherriffii - Sedum shigatsense - Sedum shimizuanum - Sedum sibiricum - Sedum sichotense - Sedum sieboldii - Sedum sikokianum - Sedum silvestrii - Sedum simex - Sedum spathulifolium - Sedum stahlii - Sedum stenopetalum - Sedum subtile
Sedum taeschkei - Sedum taiwanianum - Sedum takesimense - Sedum talichiense - Sedum talihsiense - Sedum tamaulipense - Sedum taquetii - Sedum tatarinowii - Sedum techinense - Sedum tectorum - Sedum tehuaztlense - Sedum telephiastrum - Sedum telephioides - Sedum telephium - Sedum tenellum - Sedum tenuifolium - Sedum teretifolium - Sedum tericum - Sedum ternatum - Sedum tertium - Sedum tetractinum - Sedum tetragonum - Sedum tetramerum - Sedum tetraphyllum - Sedum texanum - Sedum thartii - Sedum thirkeanum - Sedum thomsonianum - Sedum thyrsoideum - Sedum tianmushanense - Sedum tibeticum - Sedum tieghemi - Sedum tilingiana - Sedum tillaei - Sedum tillaeoides - Sedum timidum - Sedum topsenti - Sedum torreri - Sedum torreyi - Sedum tortuosum - Sedum torulosum - Sedum tosaense - Sedum transbaikalense - Sedum transvalense - Sedum treleasei - Sedum triactina - Sedum triangulosepalum - Sedum tricarpum - Sedum trichospermum - Sedum trichromum - Sedum trientaloides - Sedum trifidum - Sedum triphyllum - Sedum tristriatum - Sedum triteli - Sedum trollii - Sedum trullipetalum - Sedum truncatistigmum - Sedum tschernokolevii - Sedum tsiangii - Sedum tsinghaicum - Sedum tsonanum - Sedum tsugaruense - Sedum tuberculatum - Sedum tuberiferum - Sedum tuberosum - Sedum turgidum - Sedum tymphaeum
Sedum ulricae - Sedum umbellatum - Sedum umbilicoides - Sedum uniflorum - Sedum uraiense - Sedum uralense - Sedum ursi - Sedum urvillei - Sedum ussuriense
Sedum vaginatum - Sedum valerianoides - Sedum variegatum - Sedum variicolor - Sedum venustum - Sedum verloti - Sedum vermiculare - Sedum vermiculifolium - Sedum versadense - Sedum versicolor - Sedum verticillatum - Sedum victorianum - Sedum vigilimontis - Sedum viguieri - Sedum villosum - Sedum vinicolor - Sedum virens - Sedum virescens - Sedum viride - Sedum viridescens - Sedum viridulum - Sedum viscosum - Sedum viviparum - Sedum vogesiacum - Sedum volkensii - Sedum vulgare - Sedum vuralianum
Sedum wallichianum - Sedum wangii - Sedum wannanense - Sedum watsonii - Sedum weberbaueri - Sedum weinbergii - Sedum wenchuanense - Sedum wettsteinii - Sedum whitmanni - Sedum wightmannianum - Sedum wilczekianum - Sedum willkommianum - Sedum wilsonii - Sedum winkleri - Sedum witmanni - Sedum woodii - Sedum woodwardii - Sedum wootoni - Sedum woronowi - Sedum wrightii - Sedum wuianum - Sedum wulingense
Sedum yabeanum - Sedum yamatutae - Sedum yantaiense - Sedum yedoense - Sedum yezoense - Sedum yosemitense - Sedum yunnanense - Sedum yvesi - Sedum yvesianum
Sedum zentaro-tashiroi - Sedum zokuriense - Sedum zollikoferi

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